lunes, 20 de junio de 2011


The first drawing i ever made that wasn`t too embarrassing to show was a Sailor Moon illustration i did when i was 12 years old, i made it with a pencil and color pencils, still today one of my favorite techniques. I like to draw "dolls" cute girls, i usually don`t draw men, i just don`t like it.

The series of illustrations i`ll be showcasing in this blog:


This is the first series of illustrations i made, i started it in 2007, the common theme is Lolita Fashion, and it takes elements from gore and cutesy, creating a style translated into a simple image, almost pop. I created this series because i used to wear Lolita fashion for about 6 years, and i wanted to bring to this style my other personal tastes.

So far i`ve divided this series into 5 chapters:

LDH Basic:   This includes the first pieces i made and just plain dolls being themselves.

L & E:   This term comes from "lick and eat". In this chapter i wanted to portrait the dolls as food, or surrounded by it, mostly deserts.

"Psychodelia":   This comes from the term psychedelic mixed with psycho, this chapter is all about the explosion of colors and a bunch of cute details.

The Hole:   This is a darker chapter, is kind of like the "LDH world" gone depressed.

LDH 2.0:   The pieces of this chapter are all made with classic drawing techniques like color pencils, watercolors, acrylic, etc.


This is the second series i created also based in Lolita fashion, i started working on this in early 2009.
I only created 2 pieces and 3 other sketches, it was a transitional series, looking for the possibility of adding more texture and human features to the style i developed with the "Lolitas Die Harder" series. In this one the girls really show pain on their faces while posing.


This is my third series, i was looking to illustrate something that wasn`t that much lolita, but still has some elements of this culture, i really love this series, i started to explore with dolls who look more like girls, a bit more human and a bit sexy. I haven`t closed this one as i did with the previous ones, i`m still producing pieces and working on the look of the faces mainly.


As the title implies this is intended to be based on fashion, or it was intended to be like that, i had planned to take pictures from editorial fashion photos, and create pieces giving them the style i designed for this line, but i liked the aesthetics so much that i`ll be doing all kind of pieces based on it.
The look of "FIT" is a girl with simple details on her face but at the same time really expressive, they had a long neck to show that they are better than others, pale skin, simple hair, the use of real textures on the clothes, and heavy make up.

Upcoming concept:

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