viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Afterlife 5:"Lick Me"

afterlife5 lick me

This is the 5th piece and the last one i`ve made from this line, this was the first illustration i made after my 5 months hiatus, i like the result although it could be better, as i said before the "Afterlife" style is always evolving, this piece mixes hand painted textures with digital illustration. There is actually a No 4 piece but i never finished it.

Why i like about this piece is that it is really close to the sketch, my sketches are usually not pieces of art by themselves, they are more like guides of the elements and the composition i want for each piece, although some of them are truly well finished. I made them everywhere because i tend to forget everything, i made this at work where i was illuminated with the idea XD in a very little piece of paper:

And since i don`t have a scanner i don`t draw over my sketches, i just look at them and start from cero in the computer.

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