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The Mustache Lady 3.0 + making of.

This is a long ass post about this piece:

The Mustache Lady

I made this essentially for the header of this blog, but this is the final piece, the one in the header have a transparent background hence it doesn`t look that cool.

I want to show you a little bit of my creative process starting with my (lame) sketch:

This time it`s not a detailed well finished one, is just the elements and feel i wanted for the piece. After i have this i open (my lovely) Photoshop and start drawing with shapes in flat fills and little by little i add the texture, shadows and highlights. I took some screen captures while i was making this one:

This is after i finished the mustache, i really loved it, this is how my working space in Photoshop always looks like, on the right the layers panel (because i use a lot), on the left: the history, paths, type, and actions (hidden) panels. I usually paint the background in gray during the process i always make the background i want for the piece at last. You can also see i`m using Illustrator and Bridge, i can`t live without Bridge. Yes i`m still working on the CS4 my laptop is not that good.

To make the hair i define the shape and size with plain silhouettes.

i choose the final color and start making the texture, and blending it with the skin.

Making the highlights.

Finished the hair, started adding the elements, these are my cute lovely ghosts, also this was intended to have a flag and i made it, but then i saw that a lot of my pieces had flags and i changed it.

Making the smoke, i draw with a brush the composition and amount i want.

Seems that all the elements of the hair are there already. This is the last screen cap, but you get the point :)
I use a lot of brushes, eraser, and smudge tools. Lots of blur and blending options.

To finish this post i want to show you the previous "Mustache Ladies":

Moustache lady

The first one is from Lolitas Die Harder Basic.

And the second one is this:

The previous header picture.

Hope you enjoyed this post (if you are around here).

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