sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Afterlife No. 7: Wednesday Addams

So well hello there, just kidding, i was hit by a motorbike 3 days ago and i`ve been in my house all this time, yesterday i was feeling much better and decided to make a new piece.
I`m in love with the last "faces" i`ve made for the "Afterlife" line, kind of like softer and a bit more realistic, the first pieces for this line were too defined and heavy on the make up and shadows. I`m also very happy with the latest technique i`m using for the hair, this one was going to be used just on my "Fashionista in technicolor" line but i decided to use it in "Afterlife" too with lovely results.

No more talking, here is the piece:


I got inspiration from these 2 pictures:

As a former goth kid myself, she is one of my icons, i really love the results, every time i make a new piece i try to improve my technique, hope you guys like it too.

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