martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Caramel Circus in the Sky

Hi everyone, these days i`ve been at home, well somewhere i moved out from my apartment and stuff, and i was looking through my "LDH" archives and i had a lot of unfinished pieces, but i really don`t feel comfortable with that style anymore, so i decided to change it a bit, add more texture and volume, and details, etc.

And i finally had the chance to use one of the sketches i made this year: the giraffe one :)

As someone told me my screen caps weren`t enough, i`m going to post a bunch of my digital painting process for this giraffe, but this is just for this style, depending on which line i`m working on, my digital painting process is different.

Here i am tracing the giraffe in Adobe Illustrator:

Basic painting in Photoshop:

Started giving it texture:

Then i used the picture of a giraffe for color reference:

Here is the basic giraffe finished:

Then i made pearl by pearl because i wanted the order uneven:

And this is a (cool XD) sketch of the position and details i wanted for the doll, i already had her very clear in  my mind i just needed a size and position reference:

Working on the face:

Finished doll:

Working on the scenario:

Then i felt that i needed to add that flag somewhere because i have made it already:

Finished piece:
Caramel circus in the sky
I kind of like it, it`s very high res in every detail but the quality here looks a bit off :s but click the picture and watch it in full size in Flickr
Hope you like it :)

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