domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Illustrated Lolita book + Afterlife No. 6 (finally!)

Hello everybody, i participated in an illustrated book based on Lolita Fashion with one of my pieces from the "Afterlife" line, here it is:

afterlife No.6

I hadn`t posted it before because the book was still in process, but now it is finished and you can find it here:

My page, and you can also find a little picture of me and info in the credits section:

And mmm yeah...purchase it if you want to, and i`ve been working on several new pieces from the LDH line, i guess these are like "LDH 3.0" i`ve changed some things but they still look lovely :)

Don`t know when i`ll be posting again, i`m moving (again) to a different place and i`m not sure if i`ll have internet connection there.

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