jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Creatures 1

Finally started with this project, i`ve been working on sketches for it since january and between yesterday and today i made this piece.


First of all until last week i was truly determined to quit illustrating, but last monday i read a really inspiring text from an illustrator i look up for, and i decided to battle my fears in this field, hence this is the first illustration i`ve ever made using only brushes in Photoshop, i`ve always been scared of this technique, i thought i may not be good at it and never tried it, until now.

My usual technique is more controlled, i use a lot of paths and blur, but this time i let myself go, and i love the result!. And this is the sketch (although i looks a bit different):

At first i wanted to make like a retro style cartoons, but with time the aesthetics for this line changed, and my latest sketches look nothing like this one, which is one of the first i made.

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