miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Creatures 2 Suki

So, i promised a friend that i would do an illustration inspired on her, she has a lot of freckles, dark brown hair, light brown eyes ETC.  This is the best i came up with:

creatures 2 Suki

I started making it like 2 months ago, and then got lazy about the piece, i don`t like to make portraits of random people, but yesterday i decided to change the face a bit, and make it look more doll-ish. I`m not completely satisfied with it, specially the eyes, the piece is really big, so i went overboard with the textures on the eyes, and when i reduced the piece into a web size they ended up looking quite weird, that`s the only thing that bothers me about this piece, i really like the hair and the t-shirt.

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