viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012


Hello everyone, i hope you survived Chritsmas, i`ll be posting a series of sketches i`ve made trough the years, some are like 10 years old (man i`m old) i was looking for something in one of my boxes (i keep a lot of stuff in boxes) and i found the folder where i keep most of my sketches, finished and unfinished hand drawn pieces, different kinds of papers and my new sketchbook, in which i`ve only drawn 2 pages.

I took that out and scanned some of the pieces to share and make some digital illustrations, and maybe, just maybe, finish some of those hand drawn pieces :P

Some of the content of the folder, the Mona Lisa thingy is a sketchbook i bought from a friend. I`ll share the only things i`ve made on it:

I started making this quite right and ended it really lazy, you can see that on the lettering.

This is an unfinished self portrait from when i had black hair back in May, i love this one, i should finish it or something.

I`ll share a whole lot more of sketches and hand drawn pieces, but in different posts, that way i have more material for my blog since i won`t be making any pieces soon, because i forgot my tablet at work and i`ll go back in mid January or so.

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