lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Fashion sketch process + another doodle

So this is my first post of the year, i hope everyone that is reading this is doing fine at the moment... i`m back with another color pencils doodle making of or something like that, i got some free natural paper from the new place i`m working on, and i`m just in love with it, it works so well with color pencils and ink, i have so many ideas for the current amount of paper i have, in this post i`ll show you the first 2 pieces i`ve made on it.

Today i decided to make a fashion sketch for a blouse i`m planning on making for myself, and for that i´m using this long vertical pieces of paper i got after cutting a dummy for a design at work, i thought that just throwing them to the garbage was a waste, and that`s why i got free paper because they saw me picking up all the left overs and told me "just take some big ones, throw those away" but obviously i didn`t!! :P

acrylic paint
color pencils, metallic markers, black sharpie....

The sketch, i made it look like me but with longer legs :P

Basic skin done with color pencils, after this my camera died :( i charged the battery a bit to take some photos of the final result, the following photo shows the actual colors, in the other ones they look off:

size reference.

And here is the other piece i made some days ago:

Crazy eyes XD. This one is actually scanned.

That`s it, hope you like them...or not...

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